Apprenticeship Connections, Inc. (AC), is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

The ability to choose is a gift - and the value of making an educated choice cannot be underestimated. Apprenticeship Connections gives individuals the opportunity to experience the excitement and challenges of a profession before committing to a choice.

Beyond that, the interpersonal relationships formed during the apprenticeship have fundamental connections to many other vital aspects of life in our complex society. 



Anne_IIAnne Tilney is a staunch believer of every individual having the opportunity to explore and discover their inherent potential. After receiving her BA in Sociology from Columbia University, Anne had experiences that ranged from farming to working in the corporate sector. These enriching experiences manifested in the inception of Apprenticeship Connections. Through Apprenticeship Connections, Apprentices and Mentors engage in meaningful experiences that endure throughout a lifetime.


Founder & Board Chair

Anne Tilney

Program Director

Saamia Noorali


Carly Lugus