Apprentice Testimonials

“My actual experience exceeded my expectations tenfold.  I consider an experience most valuable when because of it my perspective changes. This apprenticeship changed my perspective and gave me much appreciated insight into jewelry, success, small businesses, my future, and people.”

-C. LeBlond, an apprentice with Mentor Suz Somersall

“My time with Beth Neville gave me not only the skills to improve my work, but the the benefit of her first hand experience. Through her recounts of mistakes and victories, I was privy to years of her own growth as an artist paired with my own developing skill. She encouraged me to make mistakes and fix problems on my own, all the while guiding me with her wealth of knowledge. She inspired me with her life’s work while pushing me to rely on myself and to delve into my own creative and problem solving abilities.”

-T. Brune, an apprentice with Mentor Beth Neville

“Learning woodworking is a daunting task – the skills involved are difficult to pick up unless you see them in practice, and the endless number of tools involved is disorienting. Apprenticeship Connections connected me with a professional woodworker who was willing to share his knowledge, equipment, and time with me as we worked on projects that were beyond the scope of anything I could have done on my own. I am thankful to my mentor and Apprenticeship Connections for giving me a foundation in woodworking that I can build on for a lifetime.”

-R. Kronfol, an apprentice with Mentor Michael Cantwell