The Custom Clothier

Beth Neville Evans

Beth Neville Evans

Industries: ARTISAN

ABOUT Beth Neville Evans

While growing up in Japan, Beth Neville learned sewing from a woman on a treadle machine. She has been making custom clothing for clients for more than 35 years. Beth Neville designs and sews everything from business suits to wedding dresses. She loves all of the steps involved to make a garment from the very beginning, after she and her clients decide what to create. Once the type of garment is decided, a pattern is designed and cut for the first of many fittings. When clients don their finished, custom garments, they often tell Beth Neville that they feel like “stepping out.”

Apprentices will learn to make clothing based on the client’s measurements. They will learn how to fit clothes to the client and make adjustments as needed. They will also have the chance to learn fine hand sewing, such as handmade buttonholes, hand-finished hems, etc.

Skillsets include: Pattern making · Customer relations · Fitting clients · Fine hand sewing · Finishing work, such as buttonholes, hems,  pad-stitching, etc. · Treatment of different fabrics · Stitching a suit

Prerequisites: Knowledge of rudimentary sewing

North Garden, Virginia