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Charles McRaven

Charles McRaven

Industries: ARTISAN

ABOUT Charles McRaven

Charles McRaven has over 50 years of experience as a Consultant on Pioneer Building Skills, specializing in log and timber frame construction across the USA. Using traditional techniques and only hand tools, many of which were made by himself, he builds and restores covered bridges, log cabins, plantation house, gristmills, and frame houses. Additionally, McRaven is an internationally renown writer having with published books on stonemasonry, hewn log construction, and blacksmithing. He has also conducted numerous workshops on stonework, hew log and timber frame construction, blacksmithing, fence building, etc.

Apprentices will learn to use hand tools before learning to use modern power tools. They will learn basic carpentry, historic joinery (mortise and tenon), and log cabin construction, including all the phases of constructing a residential building. Students with an interest in stonemasonry will have the opportunity learn the basics of stonework: retaining walls, dry-stack walls, stone cutting, and mortar work.

Skillsets include: Carpentry layout · Cutting wood material · Use of construction hand tools (skill saw, drill, table saw, jigsaw, and lifting devices) · Fitting dovetail joints, pegging, and nailing · Building roof trusses · Basics of stonework: using stone chisels and mortar tools, and fitting stones.

Prerequisites: 18 or older in order to work with various machinery

Earlysville, VA