The Woodworker

Michael Cantwell

Cloud Cabin Arts

Industries: ARTISAN

ABOUT Cloud Cabin Arts

Cloud Cabin Arts provides heirloom quality furniture and cabinetry. Each piece of furniture is custom made to match the client’s unique taste, style, and needs. All products feature environmentally friendly finishes, advanced joinery, and techniques that gracefully transform wood from local trees into functional works of art.

Apprentices will learn about everything involved with woodworking, including materials, joinery, construction, and finishing. They will get to experience the entire process, learning how a rough-cut piece of local wood is transformed into a finished product. Apprentices will get to see what really goes into a piece of handmade furniture and walk away with the skills to create something themselves.

Skillsets Learned: Use of hand tools · Use of power tools · Selection and execution of joinery methods · Understanding wood movement · Selection and use of finishes · Maintaining a wood shop · Planning, designing, and layout of a project

Prerequisites: Apprentice should be able to read a tape measure fluently, lift 50 lbs, have a basic understanding of common woodworking tools i.e. mitre saw; table saw; band saw; have good eye-hand coordination and the ability to read drawings or have a good visual-spatial sense to be able to learn.  Must be able to apprentice for at least 16 hours a week. If an apprentice isn’t familiar with reading and interpreting drawings, then having a good visual and spatial orientation is useful.




Charlottesville, Virginia