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Farmstead Ferments

Industries: FOOD

ABOUT Farmstead Ferments

Farmstead Ferments is a small fermented foods business based in Scottsville, Virginia. They create raw, naturally fermented foods and beverages by hand in small batches, featuring sustainably grown, fresh ingredients procured from local farmers as well as what they cultivate themselves. Believing healthy foods are deeply rooted in farm life, they create products using traditional processes that have been passed down through generations. Farmstead Ferments products are available in more than 80 stores in the region and a few farmers markets.

Apprentices will learn the production process of fermentation, growing and harvesting vegetables and herbs. The apprentice will also be involved in the business aspects of production, from making the product to distribution to sales events and education.

Skillsets include: Planting, growing, harvesting vegetables and herbs · Food preservation: fermentation, drying, canning · Operating a fermented foods business including the production of a wide variety of fermented foods and beverages (sauerkrauts, kimchi, pickles, kraut juice, water kefir sodas, starter cultures, etc.) · Operating an herb and herbal product business including harvesting, drying and processing herbs; mixing and packaging herbal teas; making herbal other products · Homesteading: growing food, stewarding poultry flock, managing soil and compost, reading the landscape, etc. · Order fulfillment and inventory control · Sales and marketing events (farmers markets and in-store tasting and/or teaching events) · Maintenance and organization of facilities

Prerequisites: Our ideal apprentice is a passionate local foods advocate. Experience fermenting foods is not necessary but certainly an eager interest in learning is. Additional criteria include: ability to work independently and in groups, knife skills, familiarity with life in a kitchen, dependable, creative, resourceful and positive attitude.

Charlottesville, Virginia