The 3D-Designer

Suz Somersall


Industries: S . T . E . M . (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics)

ABOUT KiraKira

KiraKira is an educational startup that focuses on teaching the fundamentals of mechanical engineering software to middle and high school girls through fun, interactive jewelry design lessons.

Apprentices will learn 3D modeling software and manufacturing skills, including software such as Rhinoceros (used in architecture and design), AutoDesk Inventor, and SolidWorks (used in mechanical and aerospace engineering) in a very approachable, design-focused format, as well as how to operate 3D printers. Additionally, apprentices will be engaged in the process of teaching our students, both through filmed online classes and in-person at Charlottesville schools. Finally, apprentices will also be getting a taste what it’s like to work at a start-up, from incorporation, to operating agreements, NDAs, and fundraising.

Skillsets Learned: Basic fundamentals of Rhinoceros · Basic fundamentals of AutoDesk · Basic fundamentals of SolidWorks · Using Stratsys and Polyjet 3D printers at UVA’s Graduate Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering Lab · Building a start-up, including incorporation, operating agreements, NDAs, and fundraising · Online and social media marketing, including maintaining an e-commerce website

Prerequisites: Desire to learn design skills and modeling software

Charlottesville, Virginia