The Steel Fabricator

Lauren Danley

Metal Inc.

Industries: ARTISAN

ABOUT Metal Inc.

Metal Inc. custom designs and builds steel architectural elements. They specialize in contemporary architectural components for homes and businesses, creating built-in staircases, doors, railings, doors, fireplaces. Metal Inc.’s additions are designed specifically to suit each room and the client’s sense of style. These architectural elements enrich spaces and give a unique focal point to living areas.

Apprentices will learn about the full process of steel fabrication. They will have the opportunity to learn everything from material unloading and layouts to the techniques of working with steel, including saw and torch cutting, drilling and machining, grinding, and sanding. Apprentices will also learn about weld preparations and the three weld processes: GMAW, GTAW, and SMAW. Lastly, the apprentice will learn about the final procedures of jig making and installation.

Skillsets include: Full process of steel fabrication • Material unloading and layouts • Saw and torch cutting • Drilling and machining • Grinding • Sanding • Weld preparation • Welding Processes: GMAW,GTAW, and SMAW • Jig making • Installation

Prerequisites: Some familiarity with basic hand and power tools • Know how to read a ruler to the 32nd • Understand workshop safety

Charlottesville, Virginia