Audio Engineer

Mike Moxham

Oto Zen Creative Media


ABOUT Oto Zen Creative Media

Michael Moxham is the owner and creative director of Oto Zen Creative Media.  With a focus on emotive audio and visual content, OZCM partners with artists & organizations who seek to convey message and meaning through their media. 

Apprentices will learn a wealth of information including setting up for a recording session or location recording, executing a great recording, editing and mixing in Pro Tools and more. Apprentices will gain a great depth of knowledge of Pro Tools operation and build a great toolset for recording and mixing. Apprentices will also learn about setting up and mixing a live music event, location recording and sound library editing, building and utilizing creative spaces, interfacing with clients and community members, and so on. 

Skillsets include: Choosing the proper microphone for the recording task · Proper placement of microphones for recording · Routing of audio into a complex recording studio setup · Proper gain staging prior to recording · Capturing a great performance well · Organizing a Pro Tools Session · Editing of audio in a Pro Tools Session including pitch & timing correction · Mixing music in Pro Tools · Organization of equipment in a commercial studio (inventory management)

PrerequisitesBasic understanding of sound · Desire to learn · Good organizational skills · Good computer (Macintosh) skills · Honesty, integrity, and an open mind

Approximately 50-60% of our time will be spent in the studios at the Music Resource Center (MRC) in downtown Charlottesville. About the MRC: The MRC is a non-profit, after-school program for teens grade 6-12 dedicated to helping students achieve greater musical and interpersonal skills, and providing them with a positive and supportive environment. The MRC began more than 20 years ago in Charlottesville, VA, and has helped hundreds of teenagers grow their musical skills and become better, more positive and productive members of society. The MRC is a safe, diverse, and creative community experience where teens build interpersonal and industry skills through the universal language of music.  


Charlottesville, VA