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Suz Somersall

Suz Somersall

Industries: ARTISAN

ABOUT Suz Somersall

Suz Somersall designs luxury jewelry that draws inspiration from travel destinations around the world. Using nature and architecture as her muse, Suz creates wearable pieces that evoke emotional connections to specific locations. Joining these elements of fashion and travel, she offers women a unique way to express and explore their sense of self, aspirations of adventure, and longing for the exotic.

Apprentices will learn skills in marketing, creative, financial, and operational arenas. The apprenticeship can be tailored to suit an individual who is specifically interested in fashion and design, or it could serve as a period of experiential learning in what it is like to be an entrepreneur and run a start-up.

Skillsets Learned*: Working in Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign on graphic design projects ranging from weekly emails, web development projects, mailers, catalogs, and more · Advertising and Promotion: Working with our London and NYC PR firms to allocate samples for various online and print placements · Sales: Working with smaller and larger wholesale accounts, ranging from smaller boutiques to larger online retailers (i.e. One Kings Lane, Amazon) and television shows (E! News, Today Show) to fulfill orders · Analytic: Looking at our sales and weekly analytic to understand top performers and how to continue and grow sales and also design new collections based on these take-aways

(*The apprenticeship may vary depending on the apprentice’s interest in creative/design vs. financial/entrepreneurial focus.)

Prerequisites: Apprentice must have strong interest in design, fashion, marketing, business operations, and/or entrepreneurship.

Charlottesville, Virginia